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Aaron Godlewski

-Founder & President

Shortly after obtaining his bachelor's degree in biology, Aaron let the world know he had reenrolled at a new school to continue his education. It caught everyone off-guard when he informed them his new school would be teaching him the construction trades instead of medicine. 

It should have come as no surprise as Aaron actually began his construction career at the age of 13, regularly working various construction projects with his dad during every summer vacation. Aaron discovered he couldn't escape the excitement of a construction site. Morning classes, afternoons at the job site and evenings waiting tables provided Aaron the ability to begin his own construction company where he helps customers with what he's most passionate about... architectural design, client education and constructing projects customers will appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Aarons favorite project:

-Designing comfortable layouts that are practical for modern families.

Aaron's least favorite project:

-Toilet installs (especially when they're used)!

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